HT-8 C180 Inspection Package

The HT-8 C180 is the expert in industrial inspections at the professional level. This specialist drone offers useful features for this area of application, such as a 180-degree gimbal to provide maximum support to users during inspection tasks.
  • HT-8 C180 drone
  • 2-axis camera gimbal
  • Sensor: Sony Alpha 7R camera (full frame, 36 MP)
  • Lens: Sony-Zeiss 35 mm lens (high-performance fixed focal length)
  • Optional: CONNEX Mini digital image transmission (full HD, encrypted transmission)
  • Ground station with 7″ Live View monitor
  • Two flight batteries
  • Duo charger
  • HT-8 C180 transport case
  • Accessories transport case
  • Replacement parts package
  • Waypoint navigation software
  • Options: Cam operator, starter package, collision protection, monitor case

The HT-8 C180 can be used to carry out professional inspections of buildings, industrial plants, energy systems and other technical structures. It is always best suited to situations in which inspections must be performed on a larger scale and at a high level from the air. This flight system offers the great advantages that it can easily reach parts of industrial plants, energy systems or other structures that are situated at height or otherwise difficult to access. With a flight time of up to 20 minutes, the HT-8 C180 is also well suited to more extensive inspections.


The 180-degree gimbal of the HT-8 C180 enables the camera to be swivelled not only 90 degrees downward but also 90 degrees upward.

Accordingly, almost any desired camera angle can be obtained, from orthoimages to overhead shots of buildings and structures. This is a decisive feature particularly in the field of building inspections, e.g. for inspecting bridges or industrial plants.


Unlike the situation with flight system on which the gimbal is situated beneath the body, the camera can also be pointed upward.

The flexibility of camera integration makes the HT-8 C180 particularly mutable. Sensor systems can be fitted easily and brought into operation in just a few steps. This flight system can be technically converted in a minimum of time: the user can thus switch very quickly between a high-resolution full-frame camera, a stabilised video camera, a thermal imaging camera, and a multispectral camera.

The flat, broad construction of the system assures very high wind stability at up to 55 km/h and highly dynamic flying characteristics. Thanks to the tuck-away arms, the device is nonetheless easy to transport. The HT-8 C180 is supplied in a practical case in which it can be transported safely and securely to its site of use.


The Inspection package is only one example configuration. The flight system can be adapted flexibly to various applications and needs and can be equipped and modified appropriately by HEIGHT TECH.



The flight system is easy to transport and assemble thanks to a practical tuck-away system. It can then be assembled quickly on site and is ready for use in two minutes.



Different sensor types can be changed over fast and straightforwardly: for more flexibility and more efficient work processes.



Made from ultra-lightweight carbon – less weight, bigger payload.

HT-8 C180 Inspection Package


The ready-to-fly solution for industrial inspections.

HT-8 C180 Thermography Package


The complete solution in a ready-to-fly package for professional thermal imaging from the air.



Dimensions (see figure)

1015 mm x 1270 mm x 255 mm


Unladen weight

2800 g


Take-off weight

max. 5000 g



max. 2200 g


Operating temperature

-20°C to +35°C


Flying time

approx. 20 minutes


Climb rate

10 m/s



max. 55 km/h

Remote Communication


Remote Control

2,4 GHz



2,4 GHz


Flight Battery



4S Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)



5800 mAh

Collision Protection


If the task requires it, the HT-8 C180 can be easily fitted with a carbon shield ring that protects the propellers and motors reliably in the event of a collision.

Camera Operator


The HT-8 C180 can optionally be provided with a second ground station for the co-pilot, who can then operate the sensor system and the gimbal independently of the pilot.

Flight Battery


Pre-selected and ready-made high-performance batteries optimised for HEIGHT TECH drone systems.

Video Glasses


For improved sight: video glasses give the wearer an immediate view of the live image from the HT-8 C180.

Transport Case


With the transport case, the HT-8 C180 can be brought to the deployment site safely and reliably. Even transporting the flight system as airfreight is straightforward.

Accessories Case


The robust accessories case protects the ground station in particular during transport. It also has space for batteries, chargers, cameras and replacement parts. With a pull-out handle and two rollers, it is easy to move.

  • HT-8 / HT-8 C180 brochure
  • HT-8 C180 data sheet
  • HT-8 C180 product image

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