The airborne lifesaver for heart attack victims

Project theme


To combat sudden cardiac death swiftly, a network of automatic emergency defibrillators (AEDs) is necessary. Yet in rural areas, in which larger distances must be covered, it is disproportionately costly to provide and maintain such a network with the necessary technology and equipment. On the other hand, a defibrillator dropped from a drone can cover a large area quickly and efficiently.

Starting with this idea, HEIGHT TECH INDIVIDUAL in cooperation with the Definetz association has developed a fully automated system for transporting and dropping emergency defibrillators. The ‘Deficopter’ – a drone that can transport and drop a defibrillator completely automatically – is currently being developed. For the full implementation of this concept, tests are currently being carried out, while the legal situation concerning the operation and drop has not yet been fully clarified.

The challenge


For this innovative project, an optimised flight system that is as fully automated as possible must be designed that can drop a defibrillator fast and securely to a position triggered by a smartphone app.


The solution


In cooperation with several project partners HEIGHT TECH INDIVIDUAL has developed the Deficopter. This is a system consisting of hangar, UAV and AED that can be controlled fully automatically via a GSM modem. It enables a defibrillator to be requested in a simple manner via an app.