Professional consulting at the highest level

As a specialist for unmanned flight systems, HEIGHT TECH offers free and extensive consulting to all interested. With many years of experience of the drone market, the company has extensive technical know-how, practical experience and knowledge from research and development.

This is the same whether the question concerns getting started in the drone industry, technical possibilities, or the feasibility of entirely novel projects.

Purchase consulting


Any investment in a HEIGHT TECH system begins with an extensive consultancy meeting. Here the specific applications are discussed with the interested purchaser, experience exchanged and the requirements analysed. Based on the needs and requirements of the customer, HEIGHT TECH then creates specific offers and individual solutions – to ensure a lasting customer relationship based on partnership.

Project consulting


Projects involving new technologies require detailed know-how. HEIGHT TECH offers expertise and implementation experience from projects of all sizes – from simple integration of a special sensor system through to the entire conception and implementation of entirely new applications such as the Deficopter. Technicians, developers and project managers come together in shared consulting sessions to devise individual project studies and custom solutions for every requirement. Even completely individual solutions, from a quantity of one, can be presented with ease and at low cost.

Start-up training


Working together with experienced coaches, HEIGHT TECH offers comprehensive start-up training. This is particularly aimed at start-up companies and expansion in the field of services using unmanned flight systems. Our consultants are on hand for the first steps and support the development of ideas, the formulation of business plans and the drawing up of technical requirements. The costs of this intensive and detailed consulting can of course be offset against the purchase of a HEIGHT TECH flight system.