The collision-tolerant drone for indoor inspections

ELIOS is specifically designed for difficult inspections inside industrial plants and other complex environments. With its innovative protective frame, ELIOS can be used for inspections even in areas which are almost impossible to access, such as tanks, boilers, pipelines, vessels or Silos.The indoor drone can enter a DN400 manhole to deliver images up to 0.2 mm/px.


The flight system is completely manufactured in Switzerland and is particularly suitable as a working tool for applications in cramped parts of industrial plants that are hazardous to humans. By combining a high-resolution camera with a thermal imaging camera, ELIOS can quickly and easily locate damaged spots.

  • 2,4 GHz digital RC and video receiver
  • Samsung android tablet
  • 5 robot batteries
  • 2 robot battery charger
  • Transport case
  • Lipo safe bag
  • Tool box with spare propellers
  • 2 Micro SD-Cards
  • 5 x Spare cage pentagons type 1
  • 2 x Spare cage pentagons type 2

The ELIOS flight system is ideal for professional inspections of industrial plants, energy systems and other technical buildings. It allows cost-efficient and safe inspection flights in areas that are hardly accessible. Providing flight times up to 10 minutes, ELIOS is highly suitable for complex inspections. Batteries can be exchanged within seconds with the result that the UAS is ready to fly again immediately.


The protective frame made of carbon fiber facilitates the inspection even of narrow pipelines, tubes or sensitive surfaces without causing any damage.

ELIOS is manufactured entirely in Switzerland. The flight system is available in an economical ready-to-fly package and can start and land in almost any environment. Thanks to its light construction, ELIOS is easy to transport.


ELIOS is equipped with a high-quality full-HD camera for photo and video recording as well as with a FLIR thermal imaging camera. Even in complete darkness assisted by a LED lighting system ELIOS delivers pin sharp images. The integrated thermal imaging camera facilitates the identification of damaged spots.



Light weight, very stable, safe: The spherical housing makes ELIOS a robust tool that can fly very close to structures.

DN 400


ELIOS is able to access tubes even with diameters of only 400 mm. This makes it possible to inspect difficult to reach parts of industrial buildings without any risk to humans.



ELIOS’ LED lighting system delivers high-resolution images even when used in complete darkness.



Dimensions (see fig.)

400 mm diameter


Weight (without battery)

531 g


Take-off weight

max. 700 g


Operating temperature

0°C to +50°C


Flight time

max. 10 Min.


Climb rate

max. 1.5 m/s (manual mode);

max. 2.5 m/s (pro mode)



max. 3 m/s (manual mode);

max. 7 m/s (pro mode)

Camera Pitch


Camera vertical field of view



Camera Pitch



Total field of view



Flight Battery



3S Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)



2800 mAh



33,08 Wh



169 g


Ground Station



2,4 GHz



2S 6P Lithium-ion, 6000 mAh

The following accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

Spare protective frame pentagons type 1


ELIOS is protected by an anti-collision cage. In the event of a damage by e.g. a heavy crash, parts of the cage can be changed easily. The delivery scope already includes five spare protective frame pentagons type 1.

Spare protective frame pentagons type 2


The collision-tolerant cage or parts of the cage can be changed. ELIOS is delivered with two spare protective frame pentagons type 2.



The ground station is composed of a remote controller, a tablet and a ground control application providing the pilot with live telemetry data, a live video stream captured by ELIOS, and the information and controls that the pilot needs to operate it efficiently and safely.



The live videostream captured by ELIOS, live telemetry data and other information on the flight are displayed on the tablet. Furthermore, settings can be adjusted via application. The pilot can monitor all relevant data and is in full control of the flight and the videostream.



ELIOS is powered by Lithium polymer batteries.  Five batteries are already included in the scope of delivery. When needed, batteries can be changed quickly so that ELIOS is ready to fly again within seconds.

Battery charger


The ELIOS package contains two battery chargers.

LiPo safe bag


The fireproof  LiPo Safe Bag is part of the ELIOS package: It protects during storage, transport and charging.

Tool box


ELIOS is delivered with a tool box which contains different kinds of tools as well as spare propellers.

Micro SD cards


Part of the scope of delivery are two micro SD cards for the saving and transfer of the captured video material.

  • ELIOS flyer
  • ELIOS brochure
  • ELIOS product image

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