HT-8 C180 Thermography Package

This package offers the complete solution for applications involving thermal imaging. The package is particularly suitable for inspections of industrial plants and contains all the components required for professional thermographic inspections.
  • HT-8 C180 drone
  • 2-axis camera gimbal
  • Sensor 1: Optris PI-450 thermal imaging camera with particularly high thermal sensitivity
  • Sensor 2: GoPro Hero 4
  • Optris recording box for logging and georeferencing the thermal images
  • Ground station with 7″ Live View monitor
  • Two flight batteries
  • Duo charger
  • HT-8 C180 transport case
  • Accessories transport case
  • Replacement parts package
  • Waypoint Navigation package
  • Options: Cam operator, monitor case, Thermography starter package

The HT-8 C180 within the Thermography package allows professional thermal images to be obtained from the air. The package contains a dual-sensor system featuring the Optris thermal imaging camera together with the GoPro Hero 4 and thereby enables high-quality thermal images to be captured alongside optical images.


Thermal images captured with this system enable heat escapes caused by damage, leaks etc. in industrial plants, pipes, pipelines and other networks to be identified reliably and efficiently from the air. Similarly, buildings and roofs can be examined for heat losses.

The thermal imaging camera supplied, from German manufacturer Oprtis, is a high-level solution that meets the demands of industry. The microcomputer integrated into the system records the thermal image, optical image and relevant GPS coordinates. After the flight the data can be evaluated on the computer. The advantage of the optical-thermal image combination: Locations in which the thermal image indicates an anomaly can be directly reconciled with the optical image.


Frequently this provides direct indications as to the cause of the heat loss, such as broken insulation.

The optical images obtained in parallel to the thermal imaging are also ideally suited for placing beside the latter in reports and pointing out evaluations.


As an optional extra to the package, an extension workshop at the professional SPECTAIR ACADEMY flight school for drone pilots can be provided. This training is led by certified thermographers and is specially designed for the needs of users who perform inspections using drones.



Made from ultra-lightweight carbon – less weight, bigger payload.



Easy comparison of optical and thermal images: the dual-sensor integration facilitates an easier identification of anomalies.



The flight system is easy to transport and assemble thanks to a practical tuck-away system. It can then be assembled quickly on site and is ready for use in two minutes.

HT-8 C180 Inspection Package


The ready-to-fly solution for industrial inspections.

HT-8 C180 Thermography Package


The complete solution in a ready-to-fly package for professional thermal imaging from the air.



Dimensions (see figure)

1015 mm x 1270 mm x 255 mm


Unladen weight

2800 g


Take-off weight

max. 5000 g



max. 2200 g


Operating temperature

-20°C to +35°C


Flying time

approx. 20 minutes


Climb rate

10 m/s



max. 55 km/h

Remote Communication


Remote Control

2,4 GHz



2,4 GHz


Flight Battery



4S Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)



5800 mAh

Collision Protection


If the task requires it, the HT-8 C180 can be easily fitted with a carbon shield ring that protects the propellers and motors reliably in the event of a collision.

Camera Operator


The HT-8 C180 can optionally be provided with a second ground station for the co-pilot, who can then operate the sensor system and the gimbal independently of the pilot.

Flight Battery


Pre-selected and ready-made high-performance batteries optimised for HEIGHT TECH drone systems.

Video Glasses


For improved sight: video glasses give the wearer an immediate view of the live image from the HT-8 C180.

Transport Case


With the transport case, the HT-8 C180 can be brought to the deployment site safely and reliably. Even transporting the flight system as airfreight is straightforward.

Accessories Case


The robust accessories case protects the ground station in particular during transport. It also has space for batteries, chargers, cameras and replacement parts. With a pull-out handle and two rollers, it is easy to move.

  • HT-8 / HT-8 C180 brochure
  • HT-8 C180 data sheet
  • HT-8 C180 product image

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