Individual flight systems for individual challenges

Unusual tasks and new areas of application for drones often create a significant challenge to the creative mind; in many cases there is not yet a suitable flight system with which to implement a project idea. Normally, integrating new components requires a lot of know-how, particularly where complex technical instruments are to be placed on board or new mechanisms integrated.

HEIGHT TECH INDIVIDUAL supports exactly this type of idea for new fields of application by providing technical know-how and the capability to implement innovative projects in the form of custom solutions. Working closely with the project partner, HEIGHT TECH INDIVIDUAL realises new types of projects, from the initial sketches to the technical implementation and through to product delivery. Project partners may commission custom integration, special features and completely new flight systems, which HEIGHT TECH INDIVIDUAL then develops in cooperation with sister company FLAIRICS.

Customers benefit from the entire bandwidth of knowledge to which the SPECTAIR GROUP has access: from HEIGHT TECH’s extensive experience in manufacturing flight systems, to the competence of SPECTAIR in drone services, to the technical innovations of the FLAIRICS development company. By integrating the knowledge areas, solutions are found that are practically orientated, well thought through, and perfectly adapted to their particular application.