Inspector S Geodata Package

The Geodata Package offers a sensor system specially optimised for capturing geodata. Even newcomers to capturing geodata with drones can obtain accurate data in high quality for surveying or mapping purposes once they have had appropriate training and flying experience. The equipment as supplied is also capable of creating 3D terrain and altitude models. The package offers the optimal conditions in which the captured data can be evaluated subsequently using appropriate photogrammetry software.
  • INSPECTOR S drone
  • 2-axis camera gimbal
  • Sensor: Sony Alpha 5100
  • Lens 1: Sony 16-50 mm (power zoom)
  • Lens 2: Sony 16 mm (fast fixed focal length)
  • Ground station with 7″ Live View monitor
  • Flight battery
  • Duo charger
  • Replacement parts package
  • Waypoint Navigation package
  • Transport case for INSPECTOR S (with table function)
  • Transport case for accessories
  • Optional: Agisoft Photo Scan Professional Software

The Geodata Package includes a Sony Alpha 5100 system camera, the INSPECTOR S transport case, a charger and other equipment that enables the INSPECTOR S to be ready for use immediately.


In this package the Sony Alpha 5100 is also provided with a fast, high-quality lens with fixed focal length and a GPS logger. The fixed focal length lens allows stable and optimally exposed images to be captured throughout.

Using the GPS logger included in the package, flight paths can be subsequently traced and documented. Additionally, the package includes software for setting up waypoint navigation. Waypoint navigation allows predefined flight paths to be programmed in; these can then be reflown any number of times according to exactly the same specifications.


In surveying and mapping applications in particular, waypoint navigation offers the advantage that data can be captured on different times for exactly the same flight template and compared.

This is beneficial when, for example, changes to surfaces over longer periods must be documented and evaluated using digital elevation models.


The optional software package, featuring the powerful photogrammetry solution complements the INSPECTOR S Geodata Package with a perfectly integrated post-production application. In addition to a single-user licence, the package also includes extensive software training.

HEIGHT TECH Feature Aluminium Chassis



Lightweight, highly stable and proven in aircraft building, the aluminium construction makes the INSPECTOR S a robust working tool.




Optimal navigation and positioning by means of a precision GNSS module: the position data offers a straightforward method of geo-referencing the captured data.

HEIGHT TECH Feature Kollisionsschutz



For greater safety: collision protection that is easy to attach when needed.

HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S Paket HD-Inspektion mit Kamera und Sendemodul

INSPECTOR S Inspection Package


The compact entry-level solution for technical applications – as a ready-to-fly package.

HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S Paket Vermessung mit Kamera und zweitem Objektiv

INSPECTOR S Geodata Package


For straightforward workflows in capturing geodata serving as basis for surveying, mapping and for the preparation of 3D terrain models etc.: the INSPECTOR S in a package including an optimised sensor system, software and training to allow users to get started quickly.

HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S Paket Thermographie mit Dualsensorik

INSPECTOR S Thermography Package


High-quality thermography as a system solution: the INSPECTOR S with dual sensor unit – an infra-red camera and a HD camera. This package affords an efficient and cost-effective entry into professional thermal image capturing.

HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S Paket Umweltmonitoring mit fünfband Multispektralkamera MicaSense RedEdge

INSPECTOR S Environmental Monitoring Package


Environmental monitoring, vegetation monitoring and precision farming: the INSPECTOR S together with the MicaSense Red Edge allow you to perform precise analyses from the air.

Seitenansicht und Aufsicht auf eine HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S Drohne mit Maßen beschriftet



Dimensions (see figure)

803 mm x 682 mm x 222 mm


Unladen weight
(w/o battery and camera)

2460 g


Take-off weight

max. 3750 g


Operating temperature

-10°C to +40°C


Flying time

approx. 12 minutes


Climb rate

max. 10 m/s (manual mode),
max. 4 m/s (GPS mode)



max. 60 km/h (manual mode),
max. 30 km/h (GPS mode)



Pitch angle



Roll angle



Flight Battery



4S Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)



14,8 V



6750 mAh



99 Wh



650 g


Ground Station



2,4 GHz



1S 6P Li-Io 6000 mAh

HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S Kollisionsschutz für Propeller

Collision Protection


If the task requires it, the INSPECTOR S can be easily fitted with a clip-on anti-collision shield. For indoor flights in particular, collision protection offers additional safety.

Fernsteuerung mit angeschlossenem Bildschirm zur Übertragung von Bildern und Videos

Camera Operator


For real teamwork: the INSPECTOR S can optionally be supplied with an additional ground station for the co-pilot, who operates the sensor system and the camera mount.

HEIGHT TECH Drohnen Flugakku

Flight Battery


Pre-selected and prepared high-performance batteries in impact-resistant housings.

FAT SHARK Videobrille

Video Glasses


Allowing a more direct perspective, video glasses give the wearer an immediate view of the live image from the INSPECTOR S.

HEIGHT TECH Monitorkoffer mit Sicht-/Blendschutz

Monitor Case


The perfect aid for uncomplicated collaborative work: the cover of the accessory case contains a daylight-viewable 21″ display to relay the live image being captured. All team members can thus follow the view.

  • INSPECTOR S brochure
  • INSPECTOR S data sheet
  • INSPECTOR S product image

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