HEIGHT TECH INSPECTOR S am Rhein auf einer Wiese


Experience the new INSPECTOR S live – HEIGHT TECH’s roadshows start today. HEIGHT TECH presents the compact octocopter INSPECTOR S which can be used e.g. in the fields inspection, surveying and mapping, agriculture and thermography at the following locations:

24.11.2015 – Roadshow in Ahrensburg/Hamburg

09 am until 01 pm
Park Hotel Ahrensburg; www.parkhotel-ahrensburg.de

26.11.2015 – Roadshow in Meerbusch/Düsseldorf

09 am until 01 pm
SPECTAIR GmbH; www.spectair.com

01.12.2015 – Roadshow in Ottobeuren/Memmingen

09 am until 01 pm
Parkhotel Maximilian; www.parkhotel-ottobeuren.de

02.12.2015 – Roadshow in Dettelbach/Würzburg

09 am until 01 pm
Akzent Hotel Franziskaner; www.dettelbach-hotels.de/

Register at HEIGHT TECH’s Website or via phone +49 521-92632370.