HEIGHT TECH Drohne Propeller Montage

Relocation of the HEIGHT TECH manufacturing location from Bielefeld to Meerbusch

The operation of the HEIGHT TECH manufacturing location in Bielefeld will be closed on 31 January 2017. The head office of HEIGHT TECH GmbH & Co. KG is located in Meerbusch, Düsseldorf since the company became part of the SPECTAIR GROUP in 2015.

From 1st February 2017, the HEIGHT TECH manufacturing location will be located in Meerbusch. Thus synergies within the SPECTAIR GROUP companies can be improved, innovations can be supported more efficiently due to the closer link to research & development at FLAIRICS and the market position can be strengthened for the longer term. The closing of the production site at Bielefeld involves personnel changes. Contacts for customers and partners will change.

Despite the pending changes, customers and partners can continue to make use of HEIGHT TECH service and advisory service in the usual quality and on the same level of reliability.