HEIGHT TECH Moskitocopter ROMEO in Dubai

MosquitoCopter ranks 4 in the international Drones for Good Award

Ranking 4 in the international competition of the Drones for Good Award HEIGHT TECH, a company of the SPECTAIR GROUP, and the FAO/IAEA have reached one of the top positions out of almost 700 entries. The MosquitoCopter contributes to fight mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria, Zika fever and Dengue. The UAS was developed in cooperation with the Insect Pest Control Laboratory of the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme. ROMEO (Remotely Operated Mosquito Emission Operation) is able to distribute sterilized mosquito males quickly and easily in affected regions. Female mosquitoes, which spread the diseases, mate with sterilized males but produce no offspring. As female mosquitoes only mate once in their lives this drastically reduces the population and in the end the risk of infections.