WIRIS Thermographie HT-8

Thermal imaging: Integration of the compact system WIRIS for HT-8 and HT-8 C180 from now on possible

HEIGHT TECH drones HT-8 and HT-8 C180 can now be equipped with the new compact system Workswell WIRIS developed especially for UAV. WIRIS is a system that combines a thermal camera, a digital camera, and a processor unit that is able to record radiometric data with a digital HDMI output. The WIRIS is equipped with a real-time control by a standard RC radio transmitter, providing many options. Using one button only, it is possible to remotely save fully radiometric imaging data (single pictures and videos), to change temperature scale settings, measurement parameters etc. The system can be used for e.g. building inspections, roof inspections, security and rescue tasks, inspections of pholtovoltaic modules, firefighting, agricultural and silvicultural tasks or inspection of high voltage power lines.

Information on the flight system HT-8: https://heighttech.com//en/products/ht-8/

Information on the flight system HT-8 C180: https://heighttech.com//en/products/ht-8-c180/

More Info on WIRIS: http://www.drone-thermal-camera.com/