HT-8 Geodata Package

The Geodata Package is the complete solution for professionals involved with surveying. The accessories supplied in this package optimise it for the special demands of capturing geodata. The Geodata Package can optionally be supplied with a suitable software package enabling the captured data to be professionally evaluated.
  • HT-8 drone
  • BL gimbal for maximum precision
  • Sensor: Sony Alpha 7R camera (full frame, 36 MP)
  • Lens: Sony-Zeiss 35 mm lens (high-performance fixed focal length)
  • Ground station with 7″ Live View monitor
  • Two flight batteries
  • Duo charger
  • HT-8 transport case
  • Accessories transport case
  • Replacement parts package
  • Waypoint Navigation package
  • Options: Photogrammetry software package, starter package

The solid HT-8 flight platform is the ideal companion for professional surveyors who use aerial photography. The HT-8’s stable flying characteristics together with the precision movement of the gimbal allow reliable data to be captured for various tasks related to capturing geodata.


Equipped with the full-frame Sony Alpha 7R camera and Zeiss fixed focal length lens, the Geodata package delivers outstanding data. This data can then be professionally evaluated using optional photogrammetry software.

The package provides the optimal conditions for creating 3D models, performing mapping from the air and carrying out other geodata capturing tasks. The advantage of capturing geodata using airborne drones: the data captured offers significantly higher spatial and temporal resolution than images taken from aircraft or satellites. It is also possible to map small to medium-sized areas simply and flexibly, and in considerably less time. Meanwhile, terrestrial surveying is significantly more time-consuming and slow.

The HT-8 can be deployed at short notice, and when used with the Sony Alpha 7R and the lens provided, is dependable and efficient.


Surveyors who seek a working tool that simplifies processes, delivers outstanding data and speeds up surveying tasks will find in the HT-8 Geodata package the ideal solution.




Optimal navigation and positioning by means of a precision GNSS module: the position data offers a straightforward method of geo-referencing the captured data.

HEIGHT TECH Feature Wechselsensorik



The versatile quick-release mechanism of the precision gimbal allows the sensor unit of the HT-8 to be easily exchanged.

HEIGHT TECH Feature Carbon



Made from ultra-lightweight carbon – less weight, bigger payload.

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Komplettpaket mit Sony Alpha Systemkamera

HT-8 Inspection Package


The universal solution for technical applications – as a ready-to-fly package.

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Paket High Resolution mit Canon DSLR Kamera

HT-8 High Resolution Package


The ready-to-fly package for professional aerial photography at very high resolution.

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Paket Vermessung mit Sony Alpha Systemkamera

HT-8 Geodata Package


The complete solution for surveying and mapping professionals.

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Paket Thermographie mit Dualsensorik

HT-8 Thermography Package


The complete solution for professional thermal imaging using drones.

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Paket LiDAR mit YellowScan Mapper Laserscanner

HT-8 LiDAR Package


The complete surveying solution based on laser-scanning technology.

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Paket Video mit Sony Videokamera

HT-8 Video Package


The ready-to-fly package for professional video recording, including digital image transmission.

Seitenansicht und Aufsicht auf eine HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Drohne mit Maßen beschriftet



Dimensions (see figure)

1195 mm x 1195 mm x 433 mm


Unladen weight

2600 g


Take-off weight

max. 5000 g



max. 2400 g


Operating temperature

-20°C to +35°C


Flying time

approx. 17 minutes


Climb rate

10 m/s



max. 55 km/h

Radio Communication


Remote control

2,4 GHz



2,4 GHz


Flight Battery



4S Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)



5800 mAh

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Kollisionsschutz für Propeller

Collision Protection


If the task requires it, the HT-8 can be easily fitted with an all-round carbon shield ring that protects the propellers and motors reliably in the event of a collision.

Fernsteuerung mit angeschlossenem Bildschirm zur Übertragung von Bildern und Videos

Camera Operator


The HT-8 can optionally be supplied with an additional ground station for the co-pilot. The camera operator can then operate the sensor and the camera mount independently of the pilot.

HEIGHT TECH Drohnen Flugakku

Flight Battery


Pre-selected and ready-made high-performance batteries optimised for HEIGHT TECH drone systems.

FAT SHARK Videobrille

Video Glasses


Video glasses give the wearer an immediate view of the live image from the HT-8.

HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Transportkoffer mit Drohne

Transport Case


The robust Multiplex case protects the HT-8 during transport. Transport by air is also problem-free.

HEIGHT TECH Zubehörkoffer mit Schaumstoffeinlagen

Accessories Case


The robust accessories case protects the ground station in particular during transport. It also has space for batteries, charger, cameras and replacement parts. With a pull-out handle and two rollers, it is easy to transport.

  • HT-8 / HT-8 C180 brochure
  • HT-8 data sheet
  • HT-8 product image
HEIGHT TECH HT-8 Multicopter Drohne

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